Who We Are

The Bakersfield Police Officers Association was incorporated as a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation, formed to promote and improve upon the general welfare of Bakersfield’s line-level city police officers and detectives.

Originally incorporated under the Association of Bakersfield Police Officers (ABPO), the name was changed in 2006 and is one of only 3 employee bargaining units in the city of Bakersfield. The BPOA represents its member officers and detectives in all matters pertaining to conditions of employment, and strives to encourage and promote a positive spirit of mutual cooperation between its members, city management, and the people of Bakersfield.

The men and women of the BPOA are committed to our community both on-duty and off-duty, and frequently support local and national children’s charities.

The BPOA Officer Assistance Fund was established to assist our officers and their families in times of need, including serious illness, injury, and reimbursed medical costs. The fund is also used to provide support to the families of fallen officers throughout California who have made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty.

The BPOA Political Action Committee represents our members in the political arena by supporting political candidates, ballot measures, and propositions which it believes have the best interests of justice and public safety as their goals.

The men and women who comprise the over 350 members of the BPOA are proud to serve you and appreciate the endless support you have provided us over the years.